Daily Artwork Jan 7th-13th

It was such a great week of art! I pushed myself to draw ideas from the media I was consuming, and came out with some really fun work from Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer. (no spoilers). I also started putting some of my daily work on Redbubble. I think some of them make pretty cute products.


Seriously, for a “speed paint” this is one of my favorite pieces in a while. It’s really different for me, but I could get into this whole graphic poster style. I tried going a long with it.


Not as clean or emotional, I think, as the first one, but I did like how my little spren on the ship look. They’re cute!


I won’t describe this scene- it’s not so much of a spoiler, but if you’re going to read the book it’s more fun to hear about it yourself.

Redbubble Merch


Redbubble has so many cute things! I especially love how well The Girl who Looked Up looks on a black T, and the Caffeine Dream is perfect for the little zipper bags!