2017 Art in Review

I am happy with this year’s turn-out as far as art work goes- especially considering I didn’t have enough art last year to come close to filling a monthly grid like this.


Technically my goal was to have a piece I was proud of each month. I was close. I give myself a little slack for November/December- I was really learning and trying to push some value, so I’m satisfied with that. Value-wise it is my strongest piece! June was certainly my weakest all around.

If I can get the same type of improvement by the end of next year that I feel I have this year, I will be content.

2018 Goals

  • Push painterly values
  • Learn to tightly control gradient maps and use it as a tool for painting
  • Develop a stronger understanding of color
  • Set up a Drip account, possibly an alternative to Patreon and gain a new following
  • Sketch at least something small each day
  • Boost social media network and build a good art community
  • Expose myself to more art and style to further develop my own

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