New Store at Design By Humans vs. Old Store at Teespring

It’s been difficult to find a store that I want to settle into to sell my merch exclusively. So far, it’s been best to sell my shirts from Teespring, because they have some of the cheapest options. As with anything, however, cheapest is not always best. I often worry how long the shirts will hold up through washing, or how much people may have to pay in shipping charges when they order more than one item.

In my search, I stumbled across a site called Design by Humans. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to use it, because you have to be approved for it (unlike most other merch sites) and my merchandise is very niche to the FFTCG Community. I was approved in less than 24 hours though! We are a go!

FFTCG Community Merch store logo
FFTCG Community Merch store logo for Design By Humans

Each store has it’s own ups and downs. Design by Humans seems to provide a lot more exposure. Similar to Redbubble, it does its own marketing and has a well-designed store front of its own to publicize my merchandise. This is the one thing that Teespring really lacks. DBH’s stickers are also die cut, vs. Teesprings large, awkward rectangles. (They are also cheaper.) Lastly, DBH’s hoodies are the bomb! Customers can choose whether they want my artwork printed on the front and the back, which is great for zip up hoodies, and they are VERY generous with the sizing! I think this is what excited me the most.


So what are the upsides to Teespring?

I’ll be honest, the pay is a bit better at Teespring. I get a bit more of the cut, and I can choose to take out my pay whenever I want. I’m paid out on a monthly basis at DBH. The analytics at Teespring are also really fun to watch and are helpful to know when I’ve made a sale or  how many people have been visiting the site. I’m not sure how or why DBH hasn’t caught up on this yet. I had someone buy a hoodie earlier and have no way of knowing who it was to thank them. (I’m pretty sure I know who it is this time, but I won’t next time).

Overall, I need a bit more time to see which site does better. I’m definitely interested to see how the customer service, shipping, and quality fare for DBH in comparison to Teespring. So far with Teespring, I’ve had one customer receive the wrong shirt, and one shipment lost out of about 35 products sold.

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Design By Humans:

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FFTCG Community T-Shirts: Mono Lighting (And sizing!)

My mono lightning t-shirts came in! Take a look at both unisex and women’s styles, and how sizing varies between them.

It’s been a fun week- I always enjoy seeing what the final product looks like in person, as I’m nervous to believe the image online is how it will actually come out. I am more than pleasantly surprised! The image is clear and showed crisply on both black and vivid purple.

I was super happy to discover that the sizing on the $15 Hanes tee is very much true to size, if not slightly generous. I’ve yet to test the premium unisex tees, so I’d love some feedback from those who have bought them!

Women’s shirt sizing is a different story- ALWAYS size up! I wear a medium in the unisex shirt size, but the most comfortable fit in women’s sizing is always going to be the XL.

For this and other FFTCG Community T-shirts, visit my shop!

Latest FFTCG Designs- Mono Lightning and Wind!

Hey all! The FFTCG Shirt designs just keep coming. I recently started a poll on the Final Fantasy TCG Marketplace regarding my next shirts, and the outpouring of love and inspiration was so incredible! I am having so much fun making these for players who love the game, and I hope to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

This week I finished designs for Mono Lightning and Mono Wind.


Both of these shirts are available on my FFTCG Community Teespring shop.

The ideas for these shirts come from the community! Are you an avid FFTCG player? Join our marketplace, and while you’re at it vote on the next shirt designs!

FFTCG Community Merch!

This week has been wild.
Anyone who knows me, knows that my life is kind of engulfed by Final Fantasy Trading Cards, as my husband runs Cards of Ivalice and is neck-deep in card brewing, inventory, deck testing, and chit chat. So it would only make sense that I’d take my designs and market close to home!

Foils Only Peasants Light Steel T-Shirt FrontMono Earth "Oh Ho Ho!" T Shirt Black T-Shirt Front









I designated part of my Teespring account solely for FFTCG Community Merch.

I’m SO happy with the turn out so far! As long as the players still want them, I’m going to keep designing. It’s been a good week for ideas, puns, and new designs! So far we have completed designs for Mono Ice, Mono Earth, and a community meme icon, Foil King Max. Up next will be mono lightning- and after that, we have water, fire, and wind remaining. What comes then will be up to the community!

Character Sketches and the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

This is probably the busiest time of my entire life. I’m getting married in two weeks,  and my fiance is holding his very first card tournament.
cards-sketch-siteFinal Fantasy has often been an influence in my artwork, often inspiring me during times I would be otherwise completely uninspired. I think it’s wonderful that my fiance has been able to really make a living out of something we both care about so much.

The Final Fantasy TCG really hasn’t been getting the marketing it needs or deserves. Most of the time that it’s actually promoted, we hear a clear “How did I not know this existed?”

So in case that person is you- The Final Fantasy TCG is a very real, and very good trading card game, similar in function to Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-gi-oh. There is currently only a single distributor for the game, which is why you can’t find the cards at your local stores such as Wal-Mart or GameStop.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out my fiance’s shop:

He is also holding his very first tournament here in Lake Mary, FL! It’s very soon (March 31st), so if you’re local and interested you should totally check it out.


Did I mention that this is the busiest month of my life? We’re getting married the weekend after the tournament. I think my little sketch at the beginning of this post will have to do for art for just a short while.

I am curious- had any of you heard of this game before I mentioned it? If you hadn’t, is it something you’re interested in? For how massive the Final Fantasy franchise is, it boggles my mind that it’s so under the radar.