Daily Artwork Jan 14th-20th

It was a slower week in art- partially because I took some extra time on one of my drawings and partially because I was uninspired for the last couple of days. What inspiration I did have, however, stemmed again from Brandon Sanderson’s writing.


A Boon, A Curse

Based on a seen from Oathbringer. I will refrain from explaining too thoroughly to avoid spoilers. Either way, I was happy with the outcome here. It had been a while since I’d worked with lines.


Flower of Idris

Sitting quietly, looking out the carriage of her window, Siri realized something intimidating: her people had no idea what it meant to be ostentatious. Flowers weren’t ostentatious. Ten soldiers protecting a carriage was not ostentatious. Crying in public wasn’t ostentatious. 

Some hand practice while reading Warbreaker, inspired by the early chapters of the novel. I’m about half way through and am really enjoying it so far.

I did have a couple of other rough sketches, but not anything that I’d like to share. Maybe some other time when I’m feeling silly.

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Daily Artwork Jan 7th-13th

It was such a great week of art! I pushed myself to draw ideas from the media I was consuming, and came out with some really fun work from Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer. (no spoilers). I also started putting some of my daily work on Redbubble. I think some of them make pretty cute products.


Seriously, for a “speed paint” this is one of my favorite pieces in a while. It’s really different for me, but I could get into this whole graphic poster style. I tried going a long with it.


Not as clean or emotional, I think, as the first one, but I did like how my little spren on the ship look. They’re cute!


I won’t describe this scene- it’s not so much of a spoiler, but if you’re going to read the book it’s more fun to hear about it yourself.

Redbubble Merch


Redbubble has so many cute things! I especially love how well The Girl who Looked Up looks on a black T, and the Caffeine Dream is perfect for the little zipper bags!