FFTCG Community Merch!

This week has been wild.
Anyone who knows me, knows that my life is kind of engulfed by Final Fantasy Trading Cards, as my husband runs Cards of Ivalice and is neck-deep in card brewing, inventory, deck testing, and chit chat. So it would only make sense that I’d take my designs and market close to home!

Foils Only Peasants Light Steel T-Shirt FrontMono Earth "Oh Ho Ho!" T Shirt Black T-Shirt Front









I designated part of my Teespring account solely for FFTCG Community Merch.

I’m SO happy with the turn out so far! As long as the players still want them, I’m going to keep designing. It’s been a good week for ideas, puns, and new designs! So far we have completed designs for Mono Ice, Mono Earth, and a community meme icon, Foil King Max. Up next will be mono lightning- and after that, we have water, fire, and wind remaining. What comes then will be up to the community!


Kayla Christine Merch @ Redbubble!

Hi all! I’m really very happy to say that I have two new prints available at Redbubble.

You can get yourself a fancy shirt, new totes, stickers, notebooks, and more!

Here are a couple of my favorites:

“Espresso Yourself” Siren Studio Bag


“Espresso Yourself” Siren Contrast Tank

And lastly,


An “Omens LLC” Hardcover Journal, with 3 different paper types: Ruled line, graph, and blank.

I managed to pull these designs from last year’s Inktober initiative. I’d love to move forward with this style and produce more merch if there’s an interest!

Daily Artwork Jan 14th-20th

It was a slower week in art- partially because I took some extra time on one of my drawings and partially because I was uninspired for the last couple of days. What inspiration I did have, however, stemmed again from Brandon Sanderson’s writing.


A Boon, A Curse

Based on a seen from Oathbringer. I will refrain from explaining too thoroughly to avoid spoilers. Either way, I was happy with the outcome here. It had been a while since I’d worked with lines.


Flower of Idris

Sitting quietly, looking out the carriage of her window, Siri realized something intimidating: her people had no idea what it meant to be ostentatious. Flowers weren’t ostentatious. Ten soldiers protecting a carriage was not ostentatious. Crying in public wasn’t ostentatious. 

Some hand practice while reading Warbreaker, inspired by the early chapters of the novel. I’m about half way through and am really enjoying it so far.

I did have a couple of other rough sketches, but not anything that I’d like to share. Maybe some other time when I’m feeling silly.

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2017 Art in Review

I am happy with this year’s turn-out as far as art work goes- especially considering I didn’t have enough art last year to come close to filling a monthly grid like this.


Technically my goal was to have a piece I was proud of each month. I was close. I give myself a little slack for November/December- I was really learning and trying to push some value, so I’m satisfied with that. Value-wise it is my strongest piece! June was certainly my weakest all around.

If I can get the same type of improvement by the end of next year that I feel I have this year, I will be content.

2018 Goals

  • Push painterly values
  • Learn to tightly control gradient maps and use it as a tool for painting
  • Develop a stronger understanding of color
  • Set up a Drip account, possibly an alternative to Patreon and gain a new following
  • Sketch at least something small each day
  • Boost social media network and build a good art community
  • Expose myself to more art and style to further develop my own

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Year-end Comparisons/Patreon News

2017 is coming to a close- and I decided to go back in time and open up the old 2016 folder and see how I did!

I am overall pretty happy seeing the progress. I’ve been focusing on two different elements of my work- strong, detailed lines and painterly values.

2016 was a rough year. I didn’t finish most of what I started and lost focus. The work shows it.

I was smiling to myself at how the 2016 painting on the left took longer than the one on the right- and it was nowhere near acceptably finished. Hope for Westfall was a big step in a value/painting direction for me. I learned how to use gradient maps and really started to think in terms of value. I am putting all of that knowledge toward my current painting in progress, and learning a lot along the way. Hoping to have that one finished to wrap up the year.

My detailed line work made me smile too. Now, the 2016 on the left was not my best line work to date in 2016, but it certainly was indicative of my work that year- and anatomy was certainly not at the forefront of my concerns. That is another issue I would like to continue to address in 2018.

2016-lined-v-2017-lined I am finding that my work has become COLORFUL this year. I don’t know how it happened, but I would like to embrace and continue to push my own style, whether it be through detailed line or value. It wasn’t until the #bestnine hashtag came about that I realized it actually happened.



Near the end of this year, Patreon decided to start charging patrons an extra fee. While they did reverse their decision, the damage was done, and I decided to close up shop with Patreon for now. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated all of your support while I was open.

For now, I will be accepting tips through Ko-Fi.

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So that’s that! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and wonderful New Year. Let’s make 2018 count!

Hope for Westfall

It’s time for a new art series! I’m playing my way through the game, and will pick up inspiration to paint along the way. I intend to do a full play-through, picking up all of the quests that I’d usually ignore along the way.

My first piece was at level 15, making my way through Westfall.

I tried some brand new techniques for this painting after watching a few videos. I did a grayscale painting, trying to learn to paint with only values. Then, I colored the piece using a gradient map. This was the result:

Hope for Westfall

There is no hope. Only Vanessa. –World of Warcraft’s Vanessa VanCleef

If you want to see the guide I followed, check it out here: 

Brushboost also did a subsequent video on gradient maps. It is going to be such a time-saver with practice! There is still brushwork to be done over the top, but just getting your color palette right from the get-go is so much help.