New card game, “Post Haste” prototype, at Gen Con 2018!

Post Haste Logo from Meta Potion pending- subject to change. Do not copy, redistribute, or alter.

It’s almost time for GEN CON 2018! It’s so exciting! I’ve never personally gone to the convention, and, well, I won’t be going this year either. However- this will be the closest I’ve ever been, as my work will be there in the form of the prototype of POST HASTE!

I’ve been working on the artwork for Post Haste for a while now, and am thrilled to finally be able to show a little bit off. As always, I’m thankful to the FFTCG Community for being so open and accepting, and sharing my work.

What is Post Haste?

PostHaste Sell Sheet

Strategy? check.
Fantasy? check check.
Puns? Signed, sealed and delivered. (We hope.)

Official and placeholder art from Meta Potion used. Do not copy, redistribute, or alter.

While I will not be there, we will have our Meta Potion official Matthew Okimoto around to show off the cards and give a brief demo if there is interest. I’d love to get some good pictures back from the event!

Where Can I Keep Up With Post Haste?

You can keep up with the card game in several ways:

We are looking to run a Kickstarter within the next couple of months to push this game into reality!
Interested in the game, or want to check it out at Gen Con? Feel free to comment here or reach out to Meta Potion via one of the methods above. We’d love to hear from you!



Orlandoix1Wow! I had an incredible time with the CrayonPonyfish team at OrlandoiX17! There was SO much indie talent in that one room, and it was great seeing such a variety. I felt like there was an opportunity to network but I KNOW there were people missed, so if you were there and want to swap cards or links please reach out!


It was so much fun seeing people sit down and play Lotia for a bit. We gave out several free keys, so really looking forward to the feedback there. Check it out if you haven’t already on Steam:

I know there were several art-lovers at the convention, and so many very talented artists. If you happened by the table but missed buying a print, I’ve put my personal work up under the Lotia category of my shop:


What were some of your favorite games at the convention? Is there anything that you didn’t see that you were hoping to?