FFTCG Community Patreon!


I’ve been designing a ton of shirts for FFTCG Community Merchandise  weekly (at the very least) and have been having a blast- so I decided it’s time to try and grow.

I dish out a lot of merch. The support has been incredible, but obviously no one can buy all of it. This is a way to support me and my work without breaking the bank.

There is only one tier- top tier.
I am only offering a  $1 option reward– and that is to be part of the community and discussion around FFTCG designs, shirts, and other ideas we can bring to life (Like stickers!) I have had a lot of crazy and wonderful ideas thrown at me, and having Patrons will help me narrow those down.

I’ll post my designs here, but will also posts silly nonsense in-progress pictures.

Also, if I’m able to do discounts and bundles, this will be the #1 place to get them.

Slam the $1 and let’s get busy making some really punny nonsense please.

PS: I have had a lot of interest in sticker packs of the element shirt designs. While Teespring does allow me to make stickers, they are individual and the cost would add up for you to buy all of them. So I have added an incentive- If I reach a $50 patronage, I will get sticker sheets made myself for all of my patrons, and you will get them for free.