FFTCG Community T-Shirt Opening: Mono Earth


Thanks so much you guys!

My first shirts from Teespring came in! First up is the Mono Earth Shantotto Tee- designed for the FFTCG Community. Check out the above video to see in standard Hanes cotton black and in the purple Boyfriend Tee style.

All of the profits from these shirts have gone straight into a savings fund so that my new husband and I can buy our first house together, along with two little-uns. WE NEED MORE SPACE GUYS. If we make the goal of the house, maybe we can make the goal of a Cards of Ivalice physical store? Every little bit helps and I am overjoyed by the outpouring of support, excitement, and ideas!
Check out all of my shirts here at the FFTCG Community T-Shirt shop!